Picture Effect Magic

Picture Effect Magic 2.9.1

Customize your photos with a ton of filters and effects


  • Lots of special effects and filters
  • Use a photo you already have or take one
  • Real-time preview of all effects


  • Confusing menus
  • Annoying pop-up


Picture Effect Magic includes a bunch of photo effects, filters, frames and other elements to customize the photos you take with the iPhone.

Whether the picture is already in your camera roll or you've taken it on the spot. Picture Effect Magic lets you turn into an original piece of art with its photo effects, special color filters and other tools. For a free app, the amount of effects included in Picture Effect Magic is pretty amazing: sepia, oil painting, black and white, swirl, rainbow, comic, sketch, wave and many more.

Using Picture Effect Magic is quite simple. Load the photo you want to work with – or take it right away – with the Photo button on the bottom toolbar, and select who you'd like to customize it: the Effect button opens the list of effects, the Color on allows you to change the photo’s overall tone and finally ColorSplash lets you add a dash of color to your image, after it’s turned into black and white. Photos can then be shared in several ways.

On the downside, and despite Picture Effect Magic’s simplicity, sometimes menus are confusing. For example, when adjusting brush size in the ColorSplash filter, you feel like pressing the Done button on top when you're finished, when the button you need to press instead is the Brush one. Also, the window that pops up every single time you run Picture Effect Magic – even if it's already in the background – to encourage you to buy the Premium version is quite annoying.

Picture Effect Magic includes a wide selection of photo special effects, color filters, frames and other elements to customize images in your iPhone.

Picture Effect Magic


Picture Effect Magic 2.9.1

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